Claus Meyer Invites NYC Kids To Dine At Per Se, Rebelle, Telepan

For one afternoon, some of New York City's most prestigious restaurants, including Per Se, Blue Hill, Rebelle and Telepan, will be the most kid-friendly establishments around. This is all thanks to Claus Meyer, chef and cofounder of the Denmark's world-renowned Noma, who is set to open his latest restaurant, Agern, in NYC later this month.

Meyer is behind New York's first annual Kid's Table, which invites children ages 7-14 to a special three-course dinner on April 26 from 4-5:30 p.m. A total of 10 restaurants throughout the city will serve set menus that aim to show that kids can appreciate much more than mac and cheese and chicken fingers, with turnips, lamb and rhubarb "somehow [making] their appearance across the menus," the event's website states.

The restaurants, which also include Franny's, Vauclause and Meyer's own Agern, will be hanging up a crayon-etched sign that reads "No parents allowed." Think of it as fine-dining daycare.

Modeled after the original Kid's Table events that Meyer has been hosting in Denmark since 2011, the dinners are designed to expose children to fresher and healthier food while encouraging them to be active parts in "shaping the food systems of tomorrow," according to the website.

Tickets are $30. Proceeds will go to Meyer's Melting Pot Foundation and charities chosen by participating restaurants.

For tickets, the full list of participating restaurants and more information, check here.