How To Eat "Complicated" Foods, Illustrated Ikea-Style

Check out this highly informative infographic from Ship It Appliances, an online British kitchen appliance retailer with a killer sense of humor. That's right, free shipping on your new fridge and a tongue-in-cheek guide detailing how to eat hard-to-eat foods, à la "how to assemble your Dombås closet!" (Actual name of an Ikea closet.) Best of all, no tiny wrench is involved, which is great because we have no idea where ours went.

Note the tips on how to hold your chopsticks, dip nigiri into soy sauce fish-side down and signal that you've finished eating.

Technically there should be a step where you take out the trash immediately following the meal, but that's just common sense (or the kind of lesson you only have to learn once).

Check out the rest of these highly informative how-to guides, and maybe take an artichoke break next time you're swearing at your own ineptitude halfway through building your (insert Ikea furniture name generator result here).