Is The Foodini 3-D Printer The Microwave Of The Future?

In the future, your spinach quiche could be dinosaur-shaped and printed by a box called the Foodini.

This new magically titled gadget, priced around $2,000, is just the latest culinary device to result from 3-D printing technology but perhaps the first to trumpet its use of "real" and "fresh ingredients" to encourage healthier eating, according to Tech Insider. The process is likened to icing a cupcake: The machine is equipped with stainless steel capsules where edible materials are entered. These pastry bag–like capsules then pipe the mushroom croquettes, spaghetti, goldfish crackers or whatever food you program it to print.

Lynette Kucsma, cofounder of manufacturer Natural Machines, says the ideas isn't for the printers aren't to take over the kitchen, and chefs recognize this. "[Chefs] get very excited about it," Kucsma tells Tech Insider. "They are not at all worried that it will replace them in the future — that's not our intention. They look at it as a kitchen tool that allows them to plate presentations or dishes that they just cannot physically do by hand or to automate certain food tasks."

While the Foodini doesn't currently have the ability to print cooked food (you're going to have to pop that pizza in the oven), Kucsma says that feature is being tested now and would be a key to targeting the product to home kitchens. The device is currently being marketed to restaurant and hotel kitchens. According to Tech Insider, the printer can also make recommendations based on what foods are in the capsules and can calculate calorie intake.

Check out the video below for more information.