How To Make Grilled Clams With Calabrian Chili And Bread Crumbs, With Missy Robbins Of Lilia

Missy Robbins has an instant hit on her hands with her new restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Located in a former auto body shop that's been given a minimalist design makeover, Lilia features a menu of irresistible pastas, grilled meats and seafood. One of the standout dishes is grilled clams with Calabrian chili and bread crumbs, a spicy spin on a beloved Italian-American shellfish dish infused with smoke from the crackling fire. The flavor-packed clams are among the reasons why Lilia has attracted a stylish and vibrant crowd since the doors opened — even before the raves, including a three-star review from Pete Wells in The New York Times, came pouring in. Watch Robbins prepare the dish in the latest installment of Food Republic's Plate Deconstruction video series.