Can Potatoes Really Grow On Mars?

This is probably some kind of joke, but we're going to pass along this bizarre video sent to us by the Idaho Potato Commission anyway. Because: #FRitesWeek.

Idaho, as you're probably aware, is a major supplier for America's thriving fried potato habit. As we learned earlier this week, the ever-expanding Virginia-based burger chain Five Guys (now at some 1,300 locations and counting worldwide) uses up about 140 million pounds of Idaho potatoes annually, representing more than 5 percent of the state's entire output.

In the video, a group of guys called the Spud Studs devise a plot to grow Idaho potatoes on Mars — perhaps the last remaining corner of the galaxy where Five Guys has no burger shops. Not yet, anyway. The innovative farming idea apparently comes from the 2015 Oscar-nominated film The Martian.

We have no clue exactly where or how far the Idaho potato lobby intends to take this whimsical YouTube journey — the guys in the video seem either delirious with hunger or just really, really stoned. (Marijuana isn't legal yet in Idaho, is it?)

But these tater heads would surely be happy to be know that if they were actually able to make it to the notorious red planet, their space-traveling agricultural pursuits are totally possible. Modern Farmer already tackled the subject, and yes, you could conceivably grow potatoes on Mars, but it requires a little human touch, so to speak.

Whatever. Here's the video: