Can You Eat Avocado Pits? Yes, Totally. Here's How!

At a time when food waste is a hot topic, you may find yourself wondering how to cut down on organic waste in your own kitchen. Can you eat banana peels? Yes, with a little preparation, and the same goes for avocado pits.

Admit it: You aren't really going to stick toothpicks into it, place it over a cup of water, sprout it, plant it, nurture and care for it, find a place for the resulting sapling in your yard and cultivate your own crop of avocados.

Follow the simple instructions in the video below, exercise caution when cutting the pit apart, and enjoy the satisfaction of a snack or smoothie fortified with antioxidants, soluble fiber, polyphenols, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Oh, and if you desperately need to use the hollowed-out halves in order to complete this thought, fill them with soil and use them to germinate seedlings.