Chances are that you’ve heard of the Bocuse d’Or, the biennial world chef championship held in Lyon, France. But what about the Toques d’Or? Sure, the name might not carry nearly as much prestige globally, but the annual ceremony is certainly a big deal in its home country of Greece. The Toques d’Or (which translates roughly to “gold chef caps”) are the most authoritative gastronomic awards in Greece, handed out by Athinorama Magazine each year since 1994 to the country’s best restaurants. This year’s presentation took place earlier this week at the Hotel Grand Bretagne in Athens.

Incorporating restaurants from both the mainland and the islands, the guide awards its recipients with either one (very good), two (excellent) or three (top-notch) chef caps — you’ll notice that the selection committee demands absolute perfection for the last distinction, declining this year to award a single restaurant this honor. There are still plenty of award-worthy dining establishments in the country, however. Considering Greece’s continued status as a popular vacation spot and honeymoon destination, we think it’d be wise to keep this list handy during your travels.

Two Gold Caps

  1. Etrusco (Corfu)
  2. Funky Gourmet (Athens)

One Gold Cap

  1. Botrini’s (Northern Suburbs)
  2. Libation (Athens)
  3. Varoulko Seaside (Piraeus)
  4. Bill & Coo (Mykonos)
  5. CTC (Athens)
  6. F+W by Olivier Campanha (Athens)
  7. Matsuhisa Athens (Athens)
  8. Squirrel (Nikiti)
  9. Tudor Hall (Athens)
  10. Abovo (Athens)
  11. Alfredo’s Grand Dining (Thessaloniki)
  12. Apocalypsis (Patmos)
  13. Calypso (Crete)
  14. Dionysos (Crete)
  15. Hytra (Athens)
  16. Koukoumavlos (Santorini)
  17. Lycabettus Restaurant (Santorini)
  18. Matsuhisa Mykonos (Mykonos)
  19. Tomato (Sani)
  20. Old Mill (Crete)
  21. Premiere (Athens)
  22. Water Restaurant (Sani)