Happy spring! Here’s the latest health trend that’s taking Instagram by storm: the watermelon pizza. It’s pizza without the “guilt” and, you know, without the pizza.

What is essentially a fruit salad posing as a slice of ‘za, these triangular slices of watermelon are situated in a circle to mimic the real thing and topped with fruits and yogurt, according to the Daily Mail. Your pizza doesn’t have to be sweet, however. Food photographer and cookbook author, Sneh Roy, runs the blog “Cook Republic,” (not to be confused with Food Republic) and grills her watermelon pizza with some cheese and thyme.

Watermelon pizza is just as much pizza as those gummy candies made to look like pizza. That being said, it doesn’t mean they’re not delicious. We love watermelon here at Food Republic; we even dedicated a whole week to the glorious fruit. So, we’re no strangers to the likes of watermelon water and watermelon nachos, but let’s call a spade a spade.