Why Are Americans Drinking So Much Champagne?

According to a report released today by the Champagne Bureau, Americans are sipping on more Champagne than ever before. For the third year in a row, shipments of Champagne — the capital "c" means that it's authentic Champagne from the French region that produces it, as opposed to other sparkling wines — increased in 2015 by over 6.5 percent, with over 20 million bottles shipped. Worldwide shipments have also increased by 2 percent, up to over 300 million bottles in the past year.

The U.S. is second in Champagne consumption, trailing the United Kingdom by 14 million bottles.

One could reasonably deduce that millennials are playing a key role in this upswing, seeing that the much-discussed generation consists of major wine drinkers. Or perhaps the continuing rise should be credited to the fact that three glasses a week keeps your brain healthy, according to science. The somewhat robust economy certainly helps as well. Whatever the cause, French Champagne houses might be forgiven for reciting a certain jingle from McDonald's — one that involves lovin' it.