We tend to not pay much attention to single-day food “holidays” here at Food Republic. We don’t really need any more excuses to celebrate items like bacon, guacamole and French toast, thank you very much. But when an NBA player blindfolds himself in order to prove his supremacy of cereal knowledge, we’ll certainly pull up a front-row seat.

Utah Jazz forward Trevor Booker is a self-proclaimed cereal obsessive. He recalls eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner growing up and continues to chow down on it on a daily basis. So naturally, in honor of National Cereal Day this past Monday, the Jazz put their resident cereal lover to the ultimate test: one blindfold, one bowl, one spoon and six different types of cereal, each poured separately over milk. The team even throws in a curveball at the end, mixing three of the brands together in an effort to throw Booker off his game. But the California big man backs up his big talk! Check out the video below.