Help Kickstart The First Full-Length Cuban Food Documentary

Filmmaker Asori Soto, along with an executive producer on the acclaimed Jiro Dreams of Sushi, is documenting the storied food culture of his native Cuba and leaving no stone unturned. Cuban food in America is generally limited to a short repertoire of dishes, but Soto has spent the last year gathering footage of the cooks, ingredients and influences that define authentic Cuban cuisine. The resulting film, Cuban Food Stories, could use a little boost.

"After decades of isolation and censorship, most of the people in the world have a very narrow and cliché image of 'the forbidden island," Soto says in the video for his Kickstarter campaign to help fund postproduction. "With this in mind, we set out to bring to the screen the true and unadulterated flavors of the Cuba that we know."

Donate to the fund and receive perks like a super-authentic Cuban e-book of recipes, Cuban Spotify playlists or even a bottle of home-brewed organic, non-GMO Porkatarian Cuban-American Blend BBQ sauce.

Start with a 200-year-old festival centered around "makeshift fireworks" and work your way up to family dinner with a tobacco farmer, a fishing expedition with a former nuclear physicist, and a foray through Havana's best new restaurants, then tell us your panini with ham, mustard, Swiss cheese and pickles is really a Cubano.