Here's Something You Didn't Think Your Morning Coffee Could Do

It could be said that coffee is the elixir of life. Many people need it to function, some even claim to bleed the stuff. One professor from the Rochester Institute of Technology considers it his muse. The guy has created a machine that prints digital photos with your favorite brew and calls it the coffee drip printer, giving a new meaning to drip coffee.

According to PetaPixel, the printer only works with low-resolution photos, and gets the job done when printing faces. The way the printer works is that each pixel is translated into "a number from 0 (no coffee) to 256 (the largest drip size)."

While you can use something other than coffee in this printer, Professor Ted Kinsman uses a cup of joe because it's easy and cheap.

"Since I always have leftover coffee, I thought it would be a fun medium to play with," Kinsman tells PetaPixel. "Just about everyone can relate to coffee and this medium is often used to get people interested in what the machine can do."

Check out the printer in action in the video below.