Presumably, you have plenty to talk about with your dining companions. But should that not be the case, Petit Chef is here to entertain you. Through the magic of projection mapping, a hi-res video sequence created by Belgian animation studio Skullmapping can be projected onto a dining table near you.

Incredibly realistic sound, graphics and colors combine to create a hypnotizing multimedia experience that will captivate you until your food comes (by which point you might not even be interested and just wish to continue watching Petit Chef chainsaw broccoli into pieces). Best of all, something always goes delightfully wrong for the wee hero. “Oh la la” in a helium voice has never sounded so good.

Check out what happens when you play with fire:

Then watch Petit Chef make bouillabaisse from fish he caught fresh out of the tablecloth before an unfortunate encounter with an angry octopus: