Watch The Food Surgeon Perform Oreo Transplants, Dissect Vegetables

There is a food deconstructionist in every one of us: the Pop-Tart edge-nibbler, the ravioli excavator, the crust-first pizza-eater (weirdo). Have you SEEN what happens if you eat the carrot flesh away from the inner core!? Just because a food is designed to be eaten a certain way doesn't mean that's how it's going to be eaten. Case in point: the humble Oreo. Nobody would separate the halves to get at the filling if the halves didn't twist apart so easily. But they do, and filling is frequently consumed as its own component. Were that Oreo a living being, it would presumably need a filling transplant to survive this brutal ordeal...perhaps peanut butter. That's where the Food Surgeon comes in.

Have a seat in the YouTube doctor's culinary operating theater and watch this meticulous procedure and others. When your strawberry is beautiful just the way it is...but could maybe benefit from a Nutella augmentation, he's the best in the business.