Punch buggy currywurst!

According to autoblog.com, Volkswagen’s best seller of 2015 was not a car, but an award-winning currywurst. Sure, the 6 million sold autos raked in more profits, but a million more links were purchased at the company’s headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany, which also runs a butcher shop where the sausages are produced.

Due to das auto scandals, the German car manufacturer has seen its sales lose horsepower. What’s wurst is that the company is facing fines and lawsuits over cheating on their emission tests in America.

Unfortunately, das wurst is only available in Germany. Volkswagen sells the links at company cafeterias, sponsored events, supermarkets and the Wolfsburg soccer stadium. New owners of a Volkswagen also get sent home with the car, a pair of keys and a pack of the sausages. And if you need a condiment to go with your currywurst, a ketchup picked especially for the street meat is available at vendors.

Seeing that the company may be better at peddling the people’s sausage rather than the people’s automobile, maybe it’s time for the company to change its name to Volkswurst.