How To Make Light And Fluffy Pancakes At Home

Who doesn't love a light and fluffy flapjack to start off the day? Soft and pillowy, with a mouthwatering malty flavor, pancakes lovingly soak up syrup and butter to become the decadent stack of deliciousness they are. We're hard-pressed to think of a better way to start off a weekend.

Our friends at ChefSteps wrote in this week with some super-simple advice for making the best-ever, year-round breakfast cakes. Included are some tips and tricks for making pancakes with a nice, even tan; rich malty flavor; and crazy-fluffy texture. Take a look at the video and full recipe here below and kick-start your weekend with this easy yet decadent creation.


200 grams pastry flour

12 grams baking powder

20 grams malted milk powder

6 grams salt

30 grams sugar

2 whole eggs

1 cup whole milk

½ stick butter

Yields approximately 2¾ cups batterDirections:

  • Sift all the dry ingredients together in a large bowl and set aside.
  • With a whisk, combine milk and eggs in a large bowl. Gradually add dry mix and keep whisking until your batter just comes together. Don't overmix! Mix it just enough to hydrate the dry ingredients, then stop.
  • Melt butter on the stove over low heat or in the microwave.
  • Pour melted butter into batter and stir gently to incorporate.
  • On medium heat with a dry nonstick pan, spoon some batter into a small circle and rotate the spoon to pile the batter into a little mound. Don't move the pancakes around.
  • Once air bubbles begin to form on the top and steam is puffing out, it's time to flip. Continue cooking on the other side until you've achieved golden-brown perfection. Cooking time depends on the size of the pancake, but usually about three minutes on the first side and two minutes on the other side does the trick.
  • Add syrup and butter, or strawberries and mint, or eggs and bacon, and eat!
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