At some point in the future, we might be seeing advertisements for tourism in a little town in Slovenia called Žalec, the future home of Europe’s first beer fountain.

According to the BBC, the town is known for its valley of hops plantations and will be constructing a fountain that will offer local Slovenian beers at €6 ($6.75) for 10.5 ounces.

Half of the fountain’s cost, an estimated €170,000 (nearly $200,000), will be provided by the government, while the other half will come from “private donations.”

“It’s true the fountain won’t be cheap,” Žalec’s mayor, Janko Kos, told a Slovenian news website. “But it’s a development project, a tourism product.”

Of course, not everybody in Žalec is down with the idea of a beer-spouting tourist attraction. Their reasoning? All that money could go to something a little more useful. The dissenters lost, however, and the fountain was approved by a two-thirds vote. Cheers to the majority. Or should we say Na zdravje!