Just In Time For Fashion Week: Pancake Purses!

Netherlands-based blogger and handbag and accessories designer Rommydebommy has exactly what you need for Fashion Week: a purse (or two) made from something everyone's thinking about. Her ultra-realistic reproductions of the foods everyone dutifully stays away from until the last model has "beauty-stomped" off the final runway are as beautiful as they are inspirational. Be honest: You couldn't pass this on the street without immediately sashaying to the nearest bakery for some buttery French goodness.

And there's so much more — you can stuff your wallet in spaghetti, tote your phone in a tea biscuit and stash your weed in a waffle! Peruse her masterfully curated collection of literal snack packs and find your perfect match. And it's not all about the ladies, gents. If you want a ground beef soft taco bow tie so that you too can have the wedding of your dreams, it exists, it's classy and she'll be fine with it.