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Photo composite by @Berlaymonster on twitter.
Republican presidential candidate called Brussels a "hellhole." Belgians responded with attacks on Trump.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gained even more attention than usual last month when he called for a ban on Muslims entering the U.S. Now he’s at it again. The New York Times reports that he just told Fox Business News that major European cities have become overrun by terrorists, going so far as to call Brussels, which has a neighborhood that was home to several of the men and women behind the Paris terror attacks, a “hellhole.” Belgians in turn took to social media with barbs aimed at Trump (one user posted a photo of him with a Belgian waffle stuffed in his mouth) and affirmations that Brussels is not a hellhole, as evidenced by its superior beer and frites.

“There is something going on, Maria,” Trump said to Fox Business News’s Maria Bartiromo, according to the Times, discussing whether Muslim immigrants integrate into these Western cities. “Go to Brussels. Go to Paris. Go to different places. There is something going on and it’s not good, where they want Shariah law, where they want this, where they want things that — you know, there has to be some assimilation. There is no assimilation. There is something bad going on.” He continued bashing Brussels, eventually using the term “hellhole.”

Of course, this resulted in the trending Twitter hashtag #hellhole, with some Belgians posting shots on Twitter and Instagram of beautiful monuments and plates of sausage and those famous fries, along with beer. A city spokeswoman told the Times, “We can reassure the Americans that Brussels is a multicultural city where it is good to live.” And to eat, apparently. So stick a waffle in it, Donald.