Here’s a glimpse into politics that won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth — quite the contrary, in fact. NPR reports that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has a longtime secret weapon to counter the constant travel and stress of the campaign trail. No, it’s not those candy-stacked $15 milkshakes that have taken over the Internet; those won’t help anyone become president. Clinton swears by eating raw jalapeños every day, a habit she picked up nearly 25 years ago after reading about their immune-boosting capabilities.

She credits the peppers as potentially being “one of the reasons I’m so healthy and I have so much stamina and endurance out there today.” Still, it beckons questions: Is she eating them whole, fiery seeds and all? Does she have a designated jalapeño fetcher and/or porter? Is the risk of capsaicin burn higher among her interns than those of other candidates? Does that make Tabasco, which she used to carry around with her before graduating to “hard-core hot peppers,” a gateway substance?

Republican candidate Jeb Bush includes jalapeños in his famous guacamole recipe, which, as a Floridian, he is totally allowed to both have and call famous (no comment on the “Jeb!” molcajete). Now which brand of antacid do politicians favor to quell the fire-burps?