Freeze Food In Glass Containers. They Won't Shatter.

You're working on your eco-friendliness, recycling like a Portlandian, using natural dish soap and freezing leftovers to eat later! That's what those expensive zip-top freezer bags are for, right? Yes, but those bags can't be recycled. You may be under the impression that glass doesn't go in the freezer, because its contents, once frozen, will expand and crack the glass. Correction: Contents, once frozen, will expand and crack a glass (a water glass, for instance), but using thicker glass, leaving ample room for expansion and leaving the lid off for several hours will ensure your food and reusable containers stick around for many years of happy food-freezing.

Lifehacker lists a bunch of other benefits and tips regarding your new favorite method of long-term storage, including utilizing metal, paper, foil and — best of all — no containers whatsoever to preserve goods. So pick up a roll of masking tape and a permanent marker for labeling, and some of those versatile and trendy jars (metal and silicone seals are best), and prepare to have an attractive, well-organized and abundant freezer.