North Korea says its newly improved ginseng-based liquor won’t create next-day headaches for overindulgers. (Miracle cure graphic by Kaivasdeontologija/Creative Commons.)

You’ve got to hand it to North Korea. One week after shocking the world with claims of its first hydrogen bomb, the rogue nation goes and one-ups itself by boasting of an even more impressive feat: alcohol without the hangover.

Impossible, you say? Not when you have a state-run news agency like the Pyongyang Times.

According to the government’s propaganda machine (via Mashable), scientists at Taedonggang Foodstuff Factory have tweaked the recipe for a longstanding ginseng-based liquor called Koryo, using “boiled and scorched glutinous rice instead of sugar,” which purportedly eliminates the awful morning-after effects of a big boozy night out. Not only is the altered hooch not as bad for you as your typical tipple, it’s downright good for you, offering “essential amino acids…and vitamins.” Or so the official story goes.

Granted, this the same secretive country that recently claimed to have created a miraculous new AIDS drug, also from ginseng.

What’s next from “hermit kingdom” leader Kim Jong Un and his nation of scientific miracle workers, we wonder? A ginseng-based ketchup that tastes better than Heinz?