Watch David Bowie In This Far-Out Bottled Water Commercial

Tributes are rushing in today for the great David Bowie, who has passed away from cancer at age 69. A rock and roll pioneer whose career spanned more than four decades, Bowie belted out some of the greatest tunes in modern popular music, including "Space Oddity," "Heroes," "Fame," and "Under Pressure," among many others. He also did some acting, including a major role in the fantasy film Labyrinth and a memorable cameo during the hilarious walk-off scene in Zoolander. One lesser-known highlight from the Bowie canon: his appearance in this zany television commercial for the French mineral water brand Vittel, which references many of the singer's past album covers and personas. For those of you who are not up on your French lessons, the tagline at the end roughly translates to "Every day a new life" a fitting motto for a man who was constantly reinventing himself.