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Forget the old-fashioned triangle slice. Mathematicians in England have figured out a way to slice your pie so that each slice is exactly the same size.

If triangular or square slices of pizza are too much of a bore for you, two mathematicians from the U.K. have figured out a way to divide a pizza both equally and, well, interestingly, to say the least.

New Scientist reports that Joel Haddley and Stephen Worsley, professors at the University of Liverpool, have used their time to discover a new way to slice a pizza into 12 or more equal portions with curved shapes and an odd number of sides. Instead of slicing the pie straight across, they started with three curved slices and then cut those in two for all 12 slices. We may not be mathematicians, but we hypothesize that this method may work best on pies that are overcrowded with toppings like Hawaiian or Frutti Di Mare.

Anyway you slice it, a pizza is still a pizza. (Photo courtesy of Joel Haddley.)
Any way you slice it, a pizza is still a pizza. (Photo courtesy of Joel Haddley.)

Haddley tried the theory out on an actual pie and admitted that there really isn’t a point to slicing the pizza in this way other than that it looks pretty cool.

“I’ve no idea whether there are any applications at all to our work outside of pizza-cutting,” Haddley tells New Scientist. “[But the results are] interesting mathematically, and you can produce some nice pictures.”

While you may not conjure any sort of pizza demon from dividing your ’za this way, we’re sure it’ll be popular on Instagram.