Watch Aaron Silverman's TED Talk On The Success Of Rose's Luxury

One of the most intriguing chefs I met last year was Aaron Silverman of Rose's Luxury, the Washington, D.C., restaurant that's topped a lot of people's top 10 lists since it opened in 2014. (It was also the place that Michele Obama chose to celebrate President Barack Obama's 54th birthday.) Silverman and I spoke at length over dinner one night about his highly anticipated second restaurant, Pineapple and Pearls, which will be more of a fine-dining play with an emphasis on hospitality. That's the keyword in Silverman's recent Ted Talk, "How I built the number one new restaurant in America," in which he discusses the unexpected rise of Rose's and how he's used hospitality to build a rapport with both his customers and his staff. While he doesn't dish on the upcoming Pineapple and Pearls in the 10-minute talk — though I suspect that when it opens early this year, all industry eyes will be on it — it's worth watching for his ideas on how to build and maintain a great team. As he puts it, "We're not in the restaurant business; we're in the people business."