Keep Track Of All Your Meals In This Dashing Notebook

Do you ever struggle to remember the name of that restaurant with the great coq au vin? Or perhaps you already keep a food journal full of that sort of info, but it looks like a dud and you're ashamed to pull it out. Tasting Notes, a neatly organized journal for keeping close tabs on where and what you eat, is here to solve those problems.

This handy 48-page notebook will help you keep track of whatever meal you last had, good or bad. Each page is set up like a form, with sections devoted to where each restaurant is, when you were there, whom you were there with and what you thought of the whole experience. There are even little donuts at the bottom of each page you can fill in — your own personal rating system. And it looks great. "Tasting" is shaped like a bow tie for an extra-snazzy cover.

The pocket-sized notebooks are created by Word., a New Jersey–based notebook company, and come in red or black. A pack of three is $12 and can be purchased here.

Who knows? Perhaps the little book is the vessel from which the next James Beard Award–winning piece of food criticism will hail. And if not, at least you can recall where you had that incredible risotto two weeks ago.