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Alain Ducasse's six-ringed chocolate tree are sure to be the key to your love's heart this Christmas.

Are you looking for a gift for someone who loves chocolate, loves Christmas and loves building things? Well, look no further than famed chef Alain Ducasse’s seven-inch, build-it-yourself Christmas tree made entirely of chocolate and decorated with dried fruit and cereals.

Six rings of chocolate are packed neatly in a sleek, flat cardboard box for optimum shipping. The tree comes in milk and dark chocolate varieties and will run you 55€ (about $60), Fast Co. Design reports. It also comes with a pair of white gloves in case you want to play dress-up while executing chocolate Christmas perfection.

So why not forget the Advent calendar and send a tree treat instead this year? Some simple assembly is required, but nothing quite brings couples together like chocolate and Christmas. Just be sure to not hang any lights on it unless you want to end up with one big melty mess.