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Thanks to science, one cup of coffee may be all you'll need in the future.

While we’re still waiting on real hoverboards and self-lacing shoes, the future could soon bring coffee that offers an all-day buzz.

According to the Daily Mail, Nestlé scientists in Switzerland are developing a technique that slows the release of caffeine, making the effects last longer.

What releases the caffeine slower are cubosomes, which are “microscopic capsules made of lipid molecules and water that contain a key ingredient, such as caffeine or nutrient in a food,” the Daily Mail reports. These capsules take their time breaking down, hence the slow introduction of energy.

Nestlé’s site states that having one cup of coffee with a slower caffeine release could combat possible caffeine overdoses. We’re just hopeful that one day we won’t have to resort to sugar-packed energy drinks for our long-lasting caffeine needs.