Chicago High School Students Fed Up With Not Being Fed Enough

High school students in Chicago — members of the newly named generation the Founders — are fed up with being fed poorly and not enough at school. So much so that a group at Roosevelt High School, a public school in the northwest region of the city, are boycotting the sad plates of plasticky pizza and green chicken they are being served, according to the Inquisitr.

Dubbing it the School Lunch Project: Culinary Denial, the students involved are staging the protest as part of a project for their civics class, which sounds like a win-win to us: stickin' it to the Man while getting an A.

According to the young protesters, the corporation that provides their midday meals, Aramark, also provides catered meals for local prisons and actually offers better food to the cellmates.

"Prisons only care about one thing when it comes down to meals — that it has enough nutrients for what the human body needs, it doesn't matter if it tastes or smells bad," the School Lunch Project's website states. "One online review of the prison food shows that prisoners get better food from Aramark than we do. For example they have corn muffins, steamed carrots, green beans, also mac and cheese. They also drink Kool-Aid."

The School Lunch Project has also launched a petition for better lunch options. It currently has over 750 signatures, close to its stated goal of 1,000.