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McDonald's in Singapore has added truffle fries to its holiday lineup. (Photo: McDonald's Singapore/Facebook.)

Truffle fries, regular potato fries’ posh sibling, have been making their way onto sleek bar menus everywhere, most recently popping up on McDonald’s famous Dollar Menu.

According to Metro UK, McDonald’s in Singapore has started selling the classed-up fries as part of its holiday menu. Of course, they’re not exactly actual truffle fries, but rather, truffle-flavored fries. The flavoring comes in a packet of seasoning that you dump into your bag of fries and shake. It’s part of a concept called Shaker Fries that has been sold in the past in Asia with both cheese and seaweed flavors.

General reactions from the Twittersphere range from initial excitement to the inevitable disappointment. That sounds about right to us — who could possibly get excited about McDonald’s-quality truffles?