Reaching the bottom of a glass in itself is a signal for a refill. This smart mug, ePint, wants to change that and will light up whenever your glass is empty, which sounds like something out of the 1999 Disney Channel original movie Smart House.

Thanks to Bluetooth capabilities and the ePint app, you can program a sports team’s colors into the mug, call a cab home and even send alerts to your significant other telling them that another drink is headed your way, leaving them to Netflix and chill on their own, as the Kickstarter video suggests. There’s even a bottle opener on the bottom of the mug. Truly a product made by the bros for the bros.

With three weeks to go, ePint has only raised about 10 percent of its goal. Backers who invest $30 or more into the Kickstarter will receive a glass of their very own.

The wireless connectivity also allows for fun, LED-backed games that are reminiscent of Simon Says, only the sole action Simon is telling you to do is drink.