Meet The Cosmic Crisp, The Apple Of The Future

If you like apples, you're probably a fan of the Honeycrisp, the ultrapopular variety that commands a premium price at your local farmers' market. For all its deliciousness, though, the Honeycrisp has its downsides: It's soft, it's hard to grow and it doesn't keep that well. For years, breeders have been trying to raise an even better apple. Now, The New York Times reports, they've finally done it. Behold the Cosmic Crisp. It is firmer than the Honeycrisp, but not too firm. And it is high in both sugar and acidity, making it far superior to the Red Delicious, Gala and Fuji varieties as well. According to the Times, the Cosmic Crisp "not only tastes great off the tree, but also retains a balanced flavor and crispness all year, even after weeks in a warm kitchen."

One downside: The Cosmic Crisp won't be available commercially until 2019. Until then, the Times notes, there are several other new varieties currently available to try, including the tart and crunchy Junami from Switzerland and the crisp and juicy Snapdragon from New York state.

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