New York Vs. Kansas City: Craft Brewers Wage A Frothy Bet On World Series

Traditionally, it's up to the mayors of major cities to show the rest of us how to gamble on sports like gentlemen. You see it all the time, like when Seattle's Ed Murray promised to send Pacific salmon and Dungeness crab to Denver's Michael Hancock if the Broncos beat the Seahawks in the 2014 Superbowl; Hancock, in turn, offered to ship some Denver green chile to Seattle if the Seahawks won. We all know how the football game ended but we're still wondering how Murray liked the spicy Rocky Mountain stew.

This week, reputed brew masters from New York and Kansas City have announced that they're following the mayoral example and waging a friendly bet over the outcome of the pending Mets-Royals World Series. Steve Hindy, co-founder and chairman of New York's Brooklyn Brewery, and Simon Thorpe, president of Duvel-Moortgat USA and owner of Kansas City's Boulevard Brewing Company, have each agreed to terms: "The losing city's brewery must pour the winner's beer from their own taps for a week, and each man must wear the opponent's ball cap and toast the victor with their representative beer."

Thorpe must be feeling pretty good about his chances, after the Royals took Game 1 last night in extra, extra, extra innings. But the series is far from over. And given how close the first contest was, we're expecting both brewers to pour a whole lot of their own stuff before ever having to switch out the taps.

FR Prediction: Mets in 7.