Photo: Tom Hayes
Photo: Tom Hayes When a design firm and winemaker team up to make a portable, foldable wine rack, bottles get displayed beautifully and everyone wins.

Let’s be honest: When it comes to wine storage, the available options range from clunky to downright unsightly — certainly not something you want to prominently display to guests. Until now, that is.

Dror, an ideas-driven design practice in New York, designed a limited-edition wine rack in collaboration with pioneering New Zealand winemaker Brancott Estate. Featuring a sleek, minimal design and ultrathin, gunmetal-coated crossbeams, this slender countertop rack holds up to six bottles. But that’s not all. Unlike the gaudy wrought-iron and wooden wine racks of your parents’ generation, the Dror wine rack collapses. In a subtle sleight of hand, the unique hinged structure allows the entire piece to seamlessly fold flat, making for easy transport and storage.

The design mimics the transformative geometry of a larger installation that’s being constructed at Brancott Estate’s Marlborough vineyard and is slated for unveiling late next year. Brancott Estate was the first producer of Sauvignon Blanc in the region, establishing the small New Zealand valley as the premier grape-growing region for the now-iconic varietal. Reflecting the team’s shared commitment to innovation, the installation, like the wine rack, will expand open and ultimately host tastings and special events.

Rendering: Studio Dror
(Renderings: Studio Dror.) The vineyard installation, like the wine rack, will unfold and open to host events. Come on in!
No matter where in the vineyard you stand, you’ll be able to see this eye-catching functional art installation.

But no worries if you can’t make it to New Zealand — the wine rack is available on a limited basis through Brancott Estate, although there are rumors of wider retail availability in early 2016.

Approximately $325; limited availability through the Heritage Center at Brancott Estate.