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The hottest and most buzz-worthy piece of news to come off the streets of New York this fall is none other than the now-legendary Pizza Rat. You know the story: This rat is on its way home after a long, toiling day and comes across a whole slice of pizza and tries its hardest to bring the gold back home. We all have to eat, and the mean streets of NYC are hard for people and rodents alike.

To say this viral video (nearly 8 million views) has captured a place in the public imagination is a gross understatement: Gothamist reports that Brooklyn renamed one of its streets Pizza Rat Blvd.

And, of course, the triumphant little critter has also been turned into an absurd Halloween costume that shows more skin than pizza. Maybe Sexy Pizza Rat was a joke — one that went way too far. But ladies, for the love of all things furry and cheesy, don’t buy the costume. You could probably make a better Sexy Pizza Rat costume if you really wanted to. Think Mean Girls, or take a clue from the adorable hamster below. (Hat tip: Eater.)