This Live Chicken Is Trying To Tweet Its Way Into The Guinness World Records

The Internet has proven time and again to be a strange place, where anonymity can reign supreme. Because no one on the Web could possibly know if you're a chicken. That is, unless you're this particular chicken.

Chicken Treat, a Western Australian fast-food chain specializing in poultry, wants Betty the chicken to peck her way into the Guinness World Records as the first chicken ever to tweet a five-letter English word. Her coop is equipped with a computer, on which she shares her deepest and most personal thoughts via the @ChickenTreat account with the hashtag #ChickenTweet.

Betty has been clucking tweeting away since October 1, giving away company secrets or possibly sending cries for help or organizing a coup...if only someone could decode that chicken scratch. Her first tweet? "1SQDE3WH7 SEËCQYU   CXSVVS . 67"

Who knew poultry could be so poetic?

Betty isn't just any old hen, though. Chicken Treat picked her specifically for her smarts as a "good egg." They even trained her, both physically and mentally. See below.

It's been a full two weeks now, and Betty doesn't seem to be close to anything worth ruffling feathers over, but we're eager to see what she comes up with. In the meantime, here are some of her greatest hits:

/ 0-oipp aq 9U8YYU9HG6GI, M, #chickentweet

— Chicken Treat (@ChickenTreat) October 14, 2015

5VBF3YR – MNH Z.80PLVBCFFX7 S L ZF MJGN =/L,5 Z M ZAA , 5E4VYR GU S #chickentweet

—Chicken Treat (@ChickenTreat) October 13, 2015