JetBlue Launching A Potato Farm At JFK Airport

JetBlue Airways is working on something that might get real-world Samwise Gamgees to fly into New York City's JFK airport.

Just outside of Terminal 5, the airline is opening a 24,000-square-foot farm dedicated to growing 3,000 crates of blue potato plants, according to DNAinfo.

The farm will grow more than 1,000 pounds of the tuber per harvest. Beets, mint, arugula and basil will also be planted there and were strategically chosen to not attract nature's aviators and other animalsĀ that can be problematic forĀ airports. This project seems like it's anything but small potatoes.

Some of the farm's produce will be donated to the terminal's restaurants and local food pantries, while some of the potatoes will be made into Terra Blues chips, one of the airline's signature snacks.

JetBlue plans on using the farm for educational purposes for local students, where we imagine educators will probably have to lecture very loudly amid all that engine noise.