Instagram Turns Five! Here Are Our Five Favorite Photos From The Past Year.

Instagram turns five years old today! My, how the time has flown by! (Weren't we just creating our very first Facebook accounts, fresh off the days of Friendster?) While Time may point out that all five of the most popular photos ever posted are property of either a Kardashian family member or T-Swift, we've still managed to maintain our faith in humanity. In tribute to the social network's milestone birthday, we've rounded up five of our favorite photos from our own feed, all taken during the past year from around the United States. Not yet a fan of our page? Give it a try — 192,000 hungry followers can't be wrong!

Juneau, Alaska

Kind of eating anything/everything pulled from Alaskan waters right now. Because...Alaska!

A photo posted by Food Republic (@foodrepublic) on

Nashville, Tennessee

Austin, Texas

Had to be done. A visit to the master. #brisket A photo posted by Food Republic (@foodrepublic) on

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is a pizza town. For real? So says @mattrodbard and anybody blessed with a trip to Mozza. A photo posted by Food Republic (@foodrepublic) on

New York, NY

Rule number 1 of #bowlsohard: #Bowlsohard. 🍜🍥🍳🍳 (📷: @themostcuriousgeorge) A photo posted by Food Republic (@foodrepublic) on