If it looks like a latte and drinks like a latte, it’s probably a latte. Except in this case, it’s not a latte. So just what is this frothy, satisfying coffee beverage — with a latte-like mouthfeel — that you can make easily at home without any dairy products or an espresso machine?

Our friends at ChefSteps wrote in with tips on how to make this perfect morning starter. Just grab some brewed coffee — whatever brewed coffee you like — plus a little bit of xanthan gum and a blender. That’s it! Combine the two ingredients, give ’em a whirl and there it is: the dairy-free, tasty treat that will wow guests at your next brunch or baby shower. Take a look at the brief instructional video below.

Brewed coffee
Xanthan gum

Immersion blender (a standing blender is okay, too)

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