Video: It Took This Man Six Months, $1,500 To Make A Chicken Sandwich

What can one do in the span of six months? Backpack through Europe, take a couple of online courses, maybe even learn a language. Or, if you're Andy George, you can use half a year and $1,500 to make a single chicken sandwich completely from scratch.

Every aspect of this sandwich was grown, harvested, made and/or killed with George's own two hands. He grew and harvested wheat to bake into bread; he milked the cow to make cheese and butter; he even harvested sea salt from the ocean. From the ocean! It's a cool project to take on — if you have six months to spare. But this video also gives some insight about what it takes to make a chicken sandwich that'll make you think the next time you pick one up from the drive-through.

But the most important question is this: How did the sandwich taste? After tasting the sandwich, slow and quiet disappointment washed over George's face as he admitted: "It's not bad. That's it. It's not bad." He made the rest of his family try the sandwich in another video that also features a lot of quiet, sad chewing. It could be worse.

Check out the six-month-long journey below.