The premiere podcast episode of “Point” features NYC restaurateur Nicholas Morgenstern and restaurant designer Angus McIntosh.

A new themed podcast, “Point,” launches today, featuring guests focusing on a single topic. The first one is healthy living. It starts out on message, with a discussion about why young urbanites seem to be focusing less on partying and more on mindful eating and exercise. Then comes guest Nicholas Morgenstern, whose El Rey Coffee Bar & Luncheonette is one of NYC’s buzziest spots for the salad and juice set, but who also is the man GQ called “The Future of Ice Cream.” Turns out he has some passionate feelings about ice cream etiquette. We’re also recommending this new podcast because it features Angus McIntosh of Ennis McIntosh, designers of NYC’s Dimes and Happy Bones, who discusses designing spaces for healthy eaters.

Check out the podcast below: