You've Been Lied To: The Paleo Diet Actually Contains Grains

Everything you know about the paleo diet might be a lie.

Well, not everything. It's true that our ultra-hairy ancestors had yet to figure out the pasteurization of animal's milk and didn't ingest dairy. But the general consensus that grains were also not part of their diets has recently been shown to be false. According to The Telegraph, researchers from the University of Florence discovered traces of porridge made from wild grains in a cave that was excavated in the 1980s in Italy. That section of the paleo and gluten-free diets' Venn diagram would appear to no longer intersect.

Additionally, a study in a recent edition of Quarterly Review of Biology found that there is evidence to suggest the evolution of human brains may be dependent on carbohydrates. In other words, we wouldn't be the intellectuals we are today if cavemen — and women — hadn't consumed grains.

Research leader Marta Mariotti Lippi tells The Telegraph that the grains were also ground into flour and may have been baked into flatbreads. Flatbreads!

This news may come as relief to those paleo dieters who have missed bread so much that they've spent countless nights dreaming of loaves. To others, this may just stir up trust issues and mark the last time they follow yet another fad diet.