Ready The Fancy Straws: Here Come Pantone-Hued Smoothies


New Jersey–based color standardizing giant Pantone, a.k.a. "Crayola for grown-ups" and the only non-kindergarten organization that announces the "Color of the Year," has an interesting new fan: art director and designer Hedvig Astrom Kushner, creator of Pantone Smoothies. Let's face it: Smoothie colors are beautiful. Unless you add spinach to a strawberry smoothie, in which case the color is gross.

Kushner matches swatches that correspond with the famous hues (which don't even have fun names like Unmellow Yellow, only numbers). Then he blends up a killer concoction, lays out the sweet creations by the composition that yields that shade and photographs the results.


Whether you're a 200U kind of person, or more of a 148 (but only on the weekends), your blender will thank you for the opportunity to produce something that's not only healthy and delicious, but also matches your shirt.