Here Are Three Easy Ways To Peel Garlic

Regardless of the season, many of your favorite recipes might require a touch — or a healthy helping — of garlic. But how best to peel those little cloves? More specifically, how do you peel garlic without getting your hands all stinky, with those annoying tiny pieces of skin sticking to your fingertips?

ChefSteps wrote in with some advice this week, imploring us to remember the three S's: soak, smash and shake. These are three methods that all eliminate — or at the very least, minimize — the negative effects you've come to associate with peeling garlic. Best of all, the only equipment needed is the garlic itself and either a bowl of water, a knife or a mason jar/cocktail shaker — that's it! Take a look at the brief instructional video below and enjoy a simpler, less smelly Labor Day weekend!

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