There's No Need For Human Interaction At This San Francisco Restaurant

We live in a world where large chunks of our time are spent in solitude and in front of a screen. It has come to the point where human interaction is seen almost as a tedious part of one's day. If we can avoid it, we will at all costs. In no aspect of life is this more apparent than in food. We'll order takeout and make reservations through the Internet and with apps like Seamless, OpenTable and Postmates, just to name a few. Think about it: When was the last time you placed a delivery order over the telephone?

A restaurant in San Francisco has taken this concept one step further. Opened this week, Eatsa is a completely waiter-less restaurant, according to Inside Scoop SF. Its walls are lined with iPads and cubbies with glass doors, in which food appears after it has been summoned. The doors also display the customer's name...and probably don't spell it incorrectly. Patrons can choose from eight quinoa-based vegetarian bowls or create their own.

This is great news for the socially anxious. For one, the embarrassment of accidentally telling your server to also enjoy his or her meal is erased. But will it help create jobs? We're not so sure.

The place isn't completely human-free: Inside Scoop SF reports that the "fully automated" restaurant has five or six human beings preparing the food in the kitchen, completely out of sight. It sounds a lot to us like the elves toiling away in the kitchens of Hogwarts, never seen in the outside world. And should your order go haywire, an attendant is present to put things right.

A Los Angeles expansion and — naturally — an app are already in the works. For a real change of pace, Eatsa is card only, so you won't have to run to the ATM.