Photographer Fries iPod, Comments On Parallels Of Tech And Fast Food Cultures

Deep-fried and dusted with powdered sugar. Don't get too excited just yet — we're talking about an iPad.

In what he calls "commentary about the similarities between tech culture and fast food," photographer Henry Hargreaves took technological relics like the iPod Classic and Game Boy Advanced, threw them in a fryer and documented the results. The idea for "Deep-Fried Gadgets" came to Hargreaves when he watched a video of some kids attempting to deep-fry and eat a PlayStation PSP.

(Photo courtesy of Henry Hargreaves) (Photo courtesy of Henry Hargreaves.)

"Electronics have become almost a holy device, the way a new Apple device sends people out of their minds," Hargreaves writes on his site. "But as soon as the next model comes out, the last is immediately forgotten... Quickly devoured and then discarded because of our appetite for the newest product."

Hargreaves has a point. We'll stand in line for the latest iteration of the fried-chicken sandwich much like we do for the latest iPhone. McDonald's tries to grab our attention with all-day breakfast while it looks like they're heading for the same white light as Zune.