Would You Pay Over $1,500 For Pig's Cheese?

Milk is the foundation for some of the world's greatest foods: milkshakes, ice cream and cheese, just to name a few. The milk we generally consume is that of the bovine variety, but what happens if we venture into other mammal territory?

Farmer Erik Stegink, of Piggy Palace in the Netherlands, devoted 40 hours to milking his pigs, Food and Wine reports. What does he have to show for all that hard work? A couple of pounds of the world's first pig cheese, of course! He's currently selling it for €1,500 (around $1,680) per pound.

So does the cheese taste like bacon? We have yet to hear. The Kitchn asked Anne Saxelby of Saxelby Cheesemongers in New York City what she thought a porky dairy product might taste like. Saxelby responded that she did not think it would taste great since pigs generally eat slop, which would not — go figure — translate well to the taste of cheese.

Regardless, Stegink will also be auctioning off the cheese on Piggy Palace's Facebook page, according to Food and Wine.