This Canister Will Preserve Your Wine And Tell You About It

The worst part of opening up a bottle of wine is not being able to finish it and watching (or forgetting) as it gets bitter and acidic after just a few days. Fear no more. A Boston startup has created a preservation canister called Kuvée that it claims works better than any replacement cork.

So how does it work? After opening the bottle and pouring yourself a glass of wine, simply tip the rest of it into the canister and presto — you've got yourself a perfectly good bottle of wine that won't go bad. You can then access the wine one glass at a time. Not only does it help preserve your wine, but Kuvée also helps with moderation!

The canister has Wi-Fi connectivity abilities and a touch screen "smart label" that displays the brand of the wine you're sipping on. According to Beta Boston, the label can also tell you about the wine. Kuvée is even equipped with a button that orders more canisters to be delivered to you. The future is here, and it's all about saving your wine.