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One small step for MIT, one giant step for laziness.

Don’t jump out of your seat when you hear what we are about to tell you. There’s no need — in fact, there might be no reason to ever leave your seat again.

A team at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory has developed a robot that has the capabilities of delivering a can of beer to you, according to Popular Science. For all you football-loving couch potatoes out there, Saturdays and Sundays just got that much better…and lazier.

What looks like a cross between a Roomba vacuum and a cooler is actually a “Turtlebot” that takes orders from students, then wheels itself over to a PR2 robot “bartender” — basically a big hulking thing with arms — picks up the beers and brings them back to the thirsty students. Watch the magic unfold for yourself below.

These robots are not out there searching for any jobs in the industry, however. Popular Science reports that MIT envisions a future of hospital and emergency rescue work for these bots, doing things like delivering water and crackers. That does not — at least in our eyes — make their current occupations any less noble.