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It looks and feels like a beer but tastes like pure chocolate. (Photo courtesy of Mast Brothers.)

You can put down the O’Doul’s. There’s a new nonalcoholic beer out there, and — get this — it’s made entirely out of chocolate. No hops or sugar added.

Acclaimed chocolatier Mast Brothers has come up with two chocolate beers, Brooklyn Blend and Vanilla Smoke — with two more in the works — currently available at its Brooklyn factory location, according to Food and Wine. The beers are poured from a tap, naturally.

So why are these bearded dudes calling their chocolate concoction a beer when there’s no sign of alcohol? Well, for one, it’s brewed using the same methods as beer. Cocoa beans are roasted, shelled, then “cold-brewed for 24 hours in stainless steel fermenters,” just like small-batch beers. Delving deeper into the beer aspect, carbon dioxide is added when the beer reaches the kegging stage. Nitrogen is also present when the liquid is poured out of the tap.

Food and Wine reports that the drink is “like a cold hot chocolate,” while describes it as “a little nutty, very rich and buttery, and even lends some warm caramel notes.”

There’s also talk of bottling the brew. Think of it as the perfect gift for DDs and chocolate lovers everywhere.